Custom Promotional Products from Adband

When it comes to high-quality brand recognition there really is no better way to reach an audience than with customised branded products. By using customised products like lanyards, badges, wristbands, pens and even rubber ducks it’s possible to constantly have your brand in the spotlight with free promotional handouts. This is a branding secret that many large corporations utilise at trade shows, for contests and more.

Advertising your brand or sharing a particular message about your products has become simpler than ever before and with the custom solutions from Adband you can receive high-quality printing on promotional products at a reasonable price.

The custom promotional products available through Adband are suitable for any industry. The professional printers can print and share logos, designs and brand messages across a huge selection of promotional products. Adband has an ever growing list of products that it uses in its regular inventory. With the help of the Adband team you can work to select something that will showcase your logo and your corporate culture.

Designers at Adband can then incorporate your images or your slogan into the objects to make professional promotional materials that you can offer for sales or giveaways. These are the types of products that customers love to display or wear regularly. By introducing some of these products into your company you can have your message out there in the world and working for you long after you have purchased them and given them out.

Adband has over 27,000 happy customers and our regular promotions that you can use to take 5% or more off of your order. With bulk discounts on popular promotional products and a satisfaction guarantee with the promise to reprint or remake in order for free, customers can always get what they want from Adband products.

By working with Adband you can join other worldwide recognised brands like the X factor, Odeon Cinemas, the BBC, Help for Heroes and Aviva.

For a free quote on all of your branded promotional content please contact Adband today.

April 05, 2016 by Info Adband