Infilled Silicone Wristbands

Promotional wristbands personalised with your logo or design

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Infilled silicone wristbands are first engraved (debossed) with your design and ink is then applied into the engraved areas. The result is a durable and high quality finish on your silicone wristbands. We recommend ink infilled wristbands over standard printed silicone wristbands when you want your printed design to last for ages.

Prices:  Please request for a quote for current prices.

Colours: Prices above are for a one colour band in any colour. Contact us if you'd like a mix of colours for the band.

Delivery: Standard delivery in an estimated 3 weeks to a UK Mainland address is included in the price. Express delivery in 7-10 working days is also available.

Options: Infilled silicone wristbands can also be individually packed, sequentially numbered and scented.

Sizes: Adult sized silicone wristbands (202mm x 12mm x 2mm) are standard. Child (180mm x 12mm x 2mm) and Infant (160mm x 12mm x 2mm) sizes are also available.